How to Add a New Post to Your WordPress Website

In this example, I’ll show you how to add a new “Perspective” at

Go to the Perspective’s URL in your browser, e.g.
In another browser tab, log in to go to your WordPress admin and go to Posts. Hit the “Add New” button.

Posts Page – Start Here to Add a New Post

The add new post form appears. Make sure the Visual tab in the editor is in front. Fill in your title and text and check the category (KQED Perspectives). Fill in the date in the “publish” block upper right, which determines the ordering in the Perspectives widget.

Fill in Your Post’s Content: Title, Text, Category, Date etc.


Creating a Link

Also fill in the Perspective’s date within the post text along with a link to the audio version:

    • Start by copying the date and link from another Perspective.
    • (Oops I got lost – edit/update needed!)
    • Once¬†you can see the old link (in that other Perspective), click anywhere within it, to make an edit link short form appear. Hit the little pencil to paste in the new Perspective link (from your other browser tab)
    • Hit the link options icon to be sure the link will open in a new tab
    • Hit the little blue “apply” arrow to save your link changes.
Choose Link Options to Open a Link in a New Tab

Hit publish to publish your Perspective.

Finally, check your work from the front end. If your Perspective is the newest one, it should appear first in the list. Make sure your audio version link goes to your intended page. Make any necessary corrections.

Check Your Work , from the Website’s Front End

Optional: add tags to your post

Adding tags for SEO seems redundant in this case, as the title is already “Christmas Cards” – but as author you may have other meaningful words in mind.

Some websites may use the tags to find/show posts according to their tags. At such a website the purpose would guide you as to the words.