Coronavirus December Surge – My Thoughts

With the current post-Thanksgiving surge and subsequent lockdown, I am feeling ANGRY at people who deny the pandemic and won’t wear a mask or social distance, because they SPREAD the virus even if they themselves don’t get sick. Or they take up ICU beds if they do get sick. Even if I take the recommended precautions, they are not perfect and for success they rely on a low positivity rate.

I have added mail order shopping for dry goods, to reduce the frequency of my grocery store visits. I think I’ve got it down to once a month, but It takes me extra time to plan my purchases and recipes so carefully. And results in freezer and fridge gridlock right after a grocery trip. I’ve made these changes in spite of the difficulty, because something that gives me pleasure and keeps me healthy is eating tasty, fresh, homemade food. Plus I no longer do carryout since the pandemic started.

Will I be able to get into the grocery store on my next trip (Costco) now that shopper capacity is restricted to 20% of capacity? Or how long will I need to wait in line to get in, even during senior hours? I’ll likely be shopping indoors near the same amount of people as a month ago, but with a higher positivity rate, the chance of getting infected is higher. (As I mentioned above.) Even though I’m better off than most, I still don’t like this situation!