FireSafe Council Facebook Post

How Facebook can be a Conduit to your Website

Our chief Facebook poster at Santa Clara FireSafe Council taught me a communication method today, that I’ve shared with my budding Facebook team at Bicycle Exchange. She says it’s a way for Facebook to be a conduit to your own website. Or any link you want to promote. Maybe this technique will help you too.

Postscript: I believe the ideal link would be words or a picture that link to the action page. However Facebook will only let you post a “link preview” it builds from the page; or you must spell out the link and upload a photo from your browser/PC. The photo can only link to the Facebook photo comments panel. As described in my tutorial.

Facebook post
Facebook post that links to a web page

Our Facebook team at Bicycle Exchange has used this “conduit” technique to recruit more volunteer bicycle mechanics. For example, Ivan has created a post that links a photo to our website’s “Contact” page. Here’s the technique I learned:

1) Identify the action you want the person to take as a result of the post.

2) Identify the photo which describes the action, event, news or fact.

3) In a sentence or two describe the thing and summarize the action you want the reader to take.

4) Link the action words, or the photo (or both?) to … something.

5) The “something” in our case can be a page at the Bicycle Exchange website.

I recommend looking at anyone’s own Facebook feed for examples. My feed is here; FireSafe Council’s feed is here.

Looking at my own feed, I found several examples right away, of people reposting other people’s findings. “Let your chickens do the gardening for you,” “Sign this petition” etc. (Me personally, I’d rather stick to posting my OWN findings.)

At the Bicycle Exchange Facebook feed, we can choose a workday photo. Then, since what we most need is volunteer mechanics, we can link to the volunteering page at the website.

Do you have any good example Facebook posts you’d like to share?

Or better, have you found out how at Facebook, how to customize a link’s text or photo?